029: Success and Failure in 2015 Plus My Goals for 2016

Earlier this week I posted an article about my goals for 2016 and how 2015 went. On this episode of the InvestFourMore Podcast I go into more depth on my goals and what I want to achieve in 2016 and why. I also talk a lot about 2015 and what I learned from the last year. People see my success on the blog with my rentals, flips, real estate team and cars, but it doesn’t always go perfect! I had a lot of setbacks in 2015 and I am making a lot of changes going into 2016. The good news is that I had a lot of success in 2015 as well. If things always went the way we planned them, life would not be nearly as interesting and the wins would not be nearly as sweet.

What were my biggest setbacks in 2015?

I am not going to rehash everything I said in my goal article, but I will touch on a few topics. I had some really big plans in 2015. I was successful in some ways and not so successful in other ways. I had big plans to reduce the amount of time I spent flipping and that was a huge bust. I hired some new people and thought everything was set up for success, but it did not work. This was partially my fault for not having better over-site. I also did not buy as many rentals as I wanted too and my real estate team did not sell as many houses as we hoped too. However, I still bought five rentals and we still sold 127 houses in 2015. So while I did not hit 7 rentals or 200 sales it was still a good year!

Why are goals so important to achieve success?

I have been setting specific and aggressive goals for over three years now. Every since I started setting goals I have seen massive amounts of success and I have been a happier person. The great thing about goals is they give us a destination and a target. If not have no goals, you have no idea what you really want in life. If you simply want to “be comfortable” or “be financially secure” that does not mean much. In fact those broad statements mean almost nothing. Being comfortable could mean having a roof over your head to some people and to others it might mean having a 100 million yacht to sail around the world in.

If you want to be comfortable, what does that mean? Does that mean you have $5,000 a month coming in without working or something completely different? You will never be comfortable if you never define what comfortable is. On another note, I think being comfortable is a horrible goal to have. Who wants to sit around all day being “comfortable”? The most fun and memorable things in life come from being extremely uncomfortable and experiencing new things.

Too many people also rely on the start of a new year to make goals and resolutions. For goals to be successful you have to think about them and review them all year long. Not just one time of the year. Most people make resolutions, never write them down and quickly forget about them a couple of weeks later.

In order to keep your goals fresh in your mind and motivate yourself here are a few tips:

  • Write down your goals where you can see them and review them as often as possible (one year I put my income goal on the door to my garage so I saw it everyday I left the house).
  • Tell others what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them. This gives you accountability and it is not as easy to forget about your goals.
  • Make big aggressive goals and then break them down backwards to see exactly how and what you have to do to achieve them. A goal does no good if you have no plan or idea how it will be accomplished.

Be great in 2016!

Whatever you decide to do in 2016, make sure you give it your all and do not give up. It is much better to have tried and not reached your goals than to have not tried at all. I know my biggest regrets in life involve not trying or being scared to do something, not things I tried to do, but was not as successful as I hoped. This episode as a lot of information on goal setting exactly what I am doing in my business and how I am going to make 2016 awesome. I hope you enjoy it!

[00:00:59] MF: Hey everyone, Mark Ferguson here. Welcome to another episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast. Today I'm gonna be talking about my 2015 going through some of my goals I had for the year, if I accomplished them or not, what I can do better, what I can do worse. And then also talking about my new goals for 2016, what I have planned for the year, what I want to accomplish, what I hope to accomplish and just go through exactly what I've done and exactly what I wanna do for the upcoming year.


Goals are so important, especially for anything business wise, success. So many people kinda of float through life. They don't have goals, they don't really know what they want, and then they wonder why they don't ever get what they want, but they don't even know what they want in the first place. So I mean that's really the first thing you have to do if you wanna be successful, is define what success is to you. And that doesn't mean being comfortable or being happy. Those are things that would be great, but you're not defining anything.


Happiness, comfort levels, it's all different to every single person out there. So you have to be as specific as possible when you're defining what you wan out of your life, what goals you want, what you want to accomplish. I talk to a lot of people, you know, in my coaching programs, through comments, through emails, and a lot of people have this vague idea that they want success, but they don't know what that success is. So I mean that's the first step in being successful is knowing exactly what you want.


If you wanna get started in real estate and be successful in real estate, you can't just say, "Oh you know, I wanna be successful at real estate." That can mean a thousand different things to a thousand different people. Narrow it down; do you want to buy rental properties, do you want to flip houses, do you wanna be a real estate agent? Once you figure that out, how many houses do you wanna buy as rentals? How many houses do you wanna flip? How many houses do you need to sell as a real estate agent?


You need to be specific on what you're doing, what you're striving for, as long as it gives you a great idea in your head of what you wanna do, where you wanna go, but you can then work backwards from those numbers to figure out what you have to do to get there. If you just say, "Oh I wanna be successful in real estate," you have no where to go. There's no way you can build a plan around that. But if you say, "I wanna buy five fix and flips and sell those houses as well in 2016," you know exactly what you're trying to do, exactly where you're trying to go.


Then you can say, "Okay, so that means I need to buy about one every two months. I mean I can skip one month, I need to get them repaired in such and such time, I need this much money for down payments, repairs, I need to find this financing. It gives you a way to build a plan, start working backwards so you can find success. As far as the type of goals I make, I make very aggressive, very challenging goals. And I think people make the mistake of making goals that are easy to achieve, they know they can achieve.


So for example, when I first started buying rental properties I bought one my first year, at the end of the year. I bought three more the next year. And that's when I really started to get serious about self-improvement, about setting goals, about really being as successful as I possibly could be. And I thought to myself, "Okay I bought three this year, so I can buy 30 in 10 years. That seems like a reasonable goal. I bought three this year, three more for the next 10 years. Hey, I'll be in a good position, have lots of cashflow coming in, be financially stable. Awesome goal."


I then went on to read many, many books on self-improvement, took Jack Canfield coaching, explored and learned as much as I could about success. And I figured out my goal to buy 30 rentals, it was easy. I mean I'd already bought three, already knew I could do that, you know the status quo going, "Keep going along at the same pace I was and I could accomplish that goal." So it was not challenging me at all. And I realized if I wanted to get ahead in life I really wanted to keep building and improving, I had to make a more aggressive goal.


So that's where I came up with my plan to purchase 100 rental properties basically in the next 10 years. By 2023, and at that time it was 2013 when I made that goal. That goal really helped me improve the way I looked at things, helped me buy properties faster, was really cool to write about on the blog, and it just set in motion so many events, it helped me do more faster because I made an aggressive goal. I had to figure out new ways to buy properties, new ways to get more money, just so many different things came from that goal that improved my business.


And it was really good too, writing out an entire article for that goal. Because for one thing, it was published out there for everybody to see so I had to be held accountable for it. I couldn't just make this goal, keep it a secret to myself and then if I didn't accomplish it or if I didn't work at it, no big deal cause nobody ever knew about it. It was something that was out there, the public knew about it, my readers know about it, and people could see my progress and how I was doing also what I was doing to improve on things.


So that was an awesome way to be held accountable, to make sure I was working towards that goal and doing everything I could do accomplish it. So if you're setting goals, one thing I suggest is try to share it was somebody. Whether it's your spouse, your family, friends, co-workers, tell them what you're trying to do. Usually they'll be excited, they'll encourage you, they'll help you reach it, and if nothing else, someone else knows about it and if they discourage you and say you can't do it, then hey that just adds even more motivation to prove them wrong and do it anyway.


So try and share your goals. I know it's tough for some people, they're very personal. It's kind of scary to put yourself out there and have other people criticize or judge what you wanna do in life. But it'll help you get there faster and it really is worth it. So writing about it was awesome because I was accountable, plus I had a very precise plan in place of exactly what I wanted to do that I could always look back very easily and see what it was.


So always write down your goals too, whether it's in a notebook, whether it's online in a blog, an article. Or on your computer, write down your goals. Make sure you know what they are. It's so easy to forget about them. If I don't write things down I forget about it very quickly. There's some study or some statistic where if you come up with an idea, a brand new idea, and you don't write it down, it takes about 15 or 30 seconds to forget about it. So I try to write everything down because with my brain it's usually about 10 seconds and I forget about what I'm thinking about.


So make sure you write stuff down, especially goals, so you remember what they are, remember what dates you wanna accomplish them by, you remember the details and why you're excited about them too. That's very important. So by making this goal, by writing it down, by sharing it with people, really pushed me and motivated me to accomplish it, to do more, and make things happen faster.


So last year I bought five rental properties, which puts me behind on my pace to by 100. So if you read my article, my plan to purchase 100 rental properties, I do a year by year break down of how many houses I wanna buy each year to reach that goal. So I start out with, I think it was five or six the first year, then seven or eight the second year and then slowly bump that up cause I assume in the later years I'll be making more money, have more cashflow coming in, I can buy more properties.


So I'm a little behind on where I'm supposed to but I'm still, I have 16 rentals now and if I think back to my original goal, which was to buy 30 properties in 10 years, I'm already more than halfway past that goal and I'm only the second/starting the third year of that plan to purchase 100. So by making that bigger goal, by forcing myself to be challenged, I'm way ahead of where I would've been if I had a smaller goal that was easy to achieve.


So please, don't be afraid to make big goals, don't be afraid to challenge yourself. I hear from people who say, "Well what if you fail, what if you don't reach that goal then it makes you feel bad about yourself and you get discouraged and it's worse off than you would've accomplished that goal?" And I don't believe that at all. If you don't reach a goal it's not a failure, it's - a goal is simply a tool to be used to help you accomplish more.


So say I don't reach my goal to buy 100 houses. Maybe I buy 80, or maybe if I only buy 60. Am I gonna feel bad about myself? No! I would've doubled what I thought I could buy in the beginning if I only had my 30 property goal. I did twice as good by having that big goal than having the small goal. Why would I be mad or disappointed? I bought twice as many houses because of that goal, even though I didn't reach it. And that's the way you have to look at goals. It's not failure or success, it's how much did it help you do more than you thought you could do in the beginning?


I mean I almost thing it's a bad thing if you accomplish all your goals, because that means you didn't make aggressive enough goals. They were too easy, they didn't push yourself, they didn't challenge you. So there's many books on this, many different opinions, but my thoughts are if you can make your goals so that you almost reach them, almost get there but don't quite do as much as you hope to do, that's perfect. Because then you're working hard all year long, trying to accomplish all those goals all year long, don't quite get there so you're pushing till the end of the year to reach them.


And they're close enough that you know you think you can reach them, or at least you know you have a chance even if it's an outside shot. But you've got a chance to get there, so you keep working hard to get to those goals. If you reach your goals in October and November, a lot of people say, "Oh, I reached my goals! I'm successful. I did everything I wanted to. I can take these last two months off." And if you take those two months off, it usually puts you in a bad spot for the next year, you lose a lot of the momentum you gained from the previous year.


So don't be afraid to make big aggressive goals, don't be afraid not to hit those big aggressive goals, because in the long run you're better off than not having reached those goals. And make sure you write down those goals, make sure you tell people about them, get encouragement, get motivation, and have accountability for what those goals are. Okay, so that's probably enough talk about goals. I have a lot of articles, a lot of different resources for goals on my website if you wanna learn more.


So what did I do in 2015 and what were my original goals? First thing I'm gonna talk about are my rental properties. So I did a write up on the same subject for 2015, my goals for 2016, you can find the blog. I also did the same thing for 2014-2015, and I did another one for kind of the end of 2013 if you wanna see those articles. But for rental properties I wanted to buy seven in 2015. That was my goal at the beginning of 2015 was to buy seven rentals.


Right now I have bought five so far, so that's fewer than I was hoping to get, but there are some definite positives in buying those five rentals. For one thing, that's more than I've ever bought in any other year. So buying five rentals in one year, I think that's a pretty good accomplishment, I'm pretty happy about that. But also, one of those properties was a duplex, so I bought my first duplex in 2015, which is two units. So technically, if you wanna look at it as units compared to rental properties, I bought six units in 2015.


And then another thing is I have 10 flips in my inventory right now that I'm working on. Two of those flips could become rental properties, I haven't decided for sure yet. So one of them I actually bought during the summer, I purchased it for about $100,000. When I bought it it was an occupied REO, so I bought it through HubZoo, it's an auction. It was occupied, I talked to the people who were living there, they said they're the previous owners, they'd like to stay if possible, rent the house back.


So I thought to myself, "Okay, cool. I can buy this flip, possibly rent it back to the current occupants. I've got some other flips going, other repair jobs I'm working on, so I don't have to get it finished right away. I don't have the resources to finish it right away. I can rent it to them, hold it in my inventory, maybe at the end of the year I will get them out, sell it next year and make some money on it." So I talked to the tenants, who ended up renting it for $1,100 a month, haven't don't any work to it, haven't had to really spend any money at all. So they've been renting it.


It's actually a two unit property, there's a family who lives upstairs, and their son and his family lives downstairs. And we did a six month lease, so I figured at the end of that six month lease I'd re-evaluate things, figure out a plan from there. That came up November, and I decided, "Okay, I'm gonna raise the rents, if they move out, fine. I'll get the house fixed up a little bit, sell it as a flip. And if they agreed to the rent increase, then I'll do another six month lease and I'll either try and sell it as a rental property with tenants in place, or I might just keep it as a rental."


So we decided to raise the rents to $1,300 a month, and they agreed. So we have them on a new six month lease term and I'm currently deciding if I wanna keep that property as a rental, which would add two more units to my rental properties and put me at six total properties bought in 2015 or if you're looking at units, that'd make it eight total units bought in 2015. Or I might sell it as an occupied rental, long term lease in place, $1,300 a month."


If I did that, I'm thinking I could probably get probably close to $150, maybe $140,000 for it with out doing too much work at all. Pretty decent profit. So I'm trying to decide where I wanna go with that. My hesitation on keeping it as a rental is a little outside of the area where I normally buy rentals, neighborhood with lower average prices where if prices go down, if we see a decline in the economy, those neighborhoods usually see the biggest decrease in prices. So we'll see what I decide on that one.


The other issue with that I'll touch on real quickly, is we've had a couple leases ending in November, December round this time of year and it is noticeably harder to rent properties over the winter than it is over the summer/spring. So what we have been doing is putting a couple six month leases in place, just so when it comes time to renew their leases in case the tenants wanna leave, we're renting them in the summer, not in the winter because it is really obvious that it's much easier to rent properties in the spring/summer than it is in the winter right now.


Alright, so the other property I bought in 2015 as a flip is another up-down duplex. It could be two units that I plan on flipping, but now that I'm thinking about it I'm like, "Man this would be a pretty good rental property too. I bought it for $125,000, it probably needs 15, maybe $20,000 work and then it'll be a four bedroom, two bath. When I'm done it could be two bedroom two bath on each level so really the rents could range from probably 14-$1,500 as a single family up to 16-$1,700 as a two unit property.


So I'll see kind of what I wanna do on that. We'll have to look at that closely. So I may flip that, I may keep that as a rental too. If I did keep it, then I have my seven properties. And I'd actually have 10 units I bought in 2015. So we'll see what happens with the rental properties. I'd say it was a good year. My goal for 2016 is to buy 10 more rentals. So again, I say I like to be aggressive, I bought five this year at a minimum, but possibly more depending on what I decide to do. So 10 I think I can accomplish in 2016.


One thing I'm doing to work on that to make it happen is I'm thinking about refinancing eight of my current properties with a national lender. There's some lenders out there now who will do fixed rate mortgages, 30 years, rates 6-7%, so little higher rates. But doesn't matter how many mortgages you have, doesn't matter you credit, the debt to income ratio, they're looking at the property. So I've been running into some problems with my local portfolio lender.


I hit $2.5 million dollars in loans with them, and they're starting to back off a little bit on how much they wanna lend to me. So if I can refinance eight of my properties, it'll put me well below that figure, probably be easier to get more loans with that portfolio lender and I can also take out quite a bit of cash if I do that refinance and still cashflow on those properties. So that'll make it easier to buy more properties in 2016, have that more cash available.


The biggest issue I think I'm gonna have is not paying for the properties, is gonna be finding the properties. Because in Colorado our market is still going crazy. Very hard to find cashflowing properties. But I have explored different markets. I may - it's gonna be tough but I've really been thinking about investing in a different market, finding an agent, contractors, great lender down maybe in Florida, all the types of different areas I've been looking. So we'll see how that goes.


Alright, for my flipping. In 2015 I ended up doing nine flips. In my original goal was to do 10. So I mean I wasn't too far off. But I could've done a lot more. My plan was kind of to really try and reduce the amount of flips I did in 2015, which I did do. But it wasn't because I was doing a lower volume, it was because it took so long to fix up the properties I had. So I hired a project manager, full time employee in 2015 to try and speed up my flipping process. And it has not gone as well as I'd hoped. Things are still going very, very slow.


So 2016, making a lot of changes, doing a lot of different things to really speed up the time it takes to rehab my properties. It's just a huge roadblock that's holding me back. So that's one of the main things I'm gonna focus on in all of my business for 2016 is speeding up the rehab process. So with my 10 flips I have now, I've got two under contract, so I have to close next year, 2016. My new goal is to flip 20 houses in 2016.


So I know that's a huge goal, that's a really big goal. If I happen to keep those two properties as rentals, that'll make it an even tougher goal. But I think I can accomplish that if I really focus on the rehab process, really focus on getting that timeline reduced and just really hammering out a system. Because if I can fix that, if I can make my repair process faster, I can sell properties quicker, I can buy more properties, I can just do so much more.


Because I know there's a couple properties in the last month that I haven't gone after, that I haven't tried to buy, that could've been flips, because I've got so much going on. I'm just not in a position to buy more flips at this moment, so we'll see what 2016 holds in store. But if I can flip that many properties, that'll give me even more money to buy rentals and that will also help in purchasing more rentals, speeding up that process.


Alright, so for my real estate team, my goal was to add a couple of agents and sell 200 houses in 2015. I did add two agents to our team, that was nice. Really great people. One is very new, just started. The other one's been going about six months and he is selling quite a few houses, has 300 contracts, having quite a few closings. The other is off to a little bit of a slow start, but has been doing awesome lately. So that's been great.


Another new agent that we hired in 2014 has just been doing awesome. He made over $100,000 in his first year in the business. Just had an amazing year, and he's been just great, so he's going places. So the team has been doing really well. We have 10 people on the team now, seven licensed agents if you include myself. A couple of those are assistants who don't do a lot of selling, but they're still licensed. But we only sold 127 houses in 2015. So that's way below my goal of 200, but there's a lot of reasons that happened.


The biggest thing is back in 2012, even 2011, we were selling close to 200 houses a year because of my HUD listing contract. I mean we sold I think 170, 150 just HUD homes one year. So that was huge part of our business, was the HUD Homes REO properties. Our market is really hot, like I've said over and over again in Colorado. There are almost no foreclosures here, which means there are almost no HUD Homes, no REO's coming up for sale.


So the percentage of houses sold by me versus the team, I am selling much less now and my team is selling much more, which is how I want it to be. I want to be able to focus on the blog, on my investments, and let the team really do most of the house selling. So even though that number is much lower than our 200 house goal, our prices have been going up, so the average house sale is way up. We made really good money because the house values were up, because the team was selling more, and I was selling. So it really wasn't a bad year as far as the team goes, even though it might look that way on the surface.


For 2016, my goal again, sell 200 houses. So I'm just gonna keep making that goal until I reach it. That's my thoughts. So there's a few things we're gonna do to get there, most of them are already in place. We have our website Fergusongreeley.com, which is a local website for Colorado. We've really been working on running some articles, trying to build that up. So hopefully that will create some more leads, in fact it already has. We're doing a lot of work on Facebook, so really focusing on Facebook because of the cost of advertising and the ease of use of Facebook. Facebook's been a great tool for our team.


And then we always do weekly trainings, try and give our agents as much support as possible. We really focus on training, support, and giving them the tools to succeed. So I think we can hit that 200, even if I don't sell a bunch of HUD Homes myself, which I don't see happen because of my market. But I think the rest of our team could really pick it up and do awesome on their side.


Alright, flips, rentals, the blog is another thing I wanna talk about. So I had some goals for InvestFourMore for 2015, didn't reach them all, did reach some. I wanted to get to 300,000 views a month by the end of 2015. And it's funny because in July I almost got there but then traffic actually went down a little bit the last half of the year. Hard to say why in the Internet world, but decreased some, but we're almost at 300,000. I don't think we'll quite it it, but still, really close, really happy with the way things are going.


I want to implement a new real estate agent training program, which I did do. It's been a lot of fun. I really like talking to agents on the coaching calls, really like hearing the success stories and seeing how I can help them become successful. I started a podcast, so that wasn't even one of my goals. But we ended up starting a podcast, as you know, as you can hear right now. It's been a lot of fun, it's hard to measure what I podcast does for your website or your blog.


But I get so many people show say, "You know I hear you on the podcast, I love listening to the podcast," so I know people like it and I can see from the numbers I'm getting quite a few downloads. So it's been fun talking to other investors as well. So every time I interview someone else I usually learn something myself. So even if nobody listened to my podcast and nobody cared, I'm still learning so it's been a success.


Started a new forum, so the forum is a little tricky to get started. So many people are using Facebook now and social media to keep in touch that forums I think are kind of losing a little bit of their luster. But the forum's still been a great source for people to talk to me, get in touch with me and then also we have our Facebook page, Facebook group I started. So all types of different things we've been working on.


I still have my Complete Blueprint program which has been doing really well. I think that's one of the best investing programs out there if you're looking to get into rental properties or flipping. It comes with coaching calls from me as well, just awesome product, people really love that one. And then I also started a new coaching program, kind of higher level, more personal one-on-one coaching that's been going pretty well. That's brand new, you won't find it on our website.


If you're interested at all, you can always send me an email, mark@investfourmore.com. I can tell you a little bit more about that one. So the blog's been going great for 2016. I wanna get to 500,000 views a month, I dunno? It's hard to set goals for a blog because it's not just about traffic numbers, it's about making sure you have good content, making sure you're connecting with people, not just high volume. I don't think 500,000 will be a good number.


I am also working on a new book, so I've got five eBooks I've published. I'm trying to make just an awesome out of this world rental property investing book. Just kind of putting everything I know into it. And it's not just gonna be an eBook, it's gonna be a real book on Amazon. You know, something you can buy and have delivered to your house. So I'm working on that. That should be available the first part of the year at some point, I'm hoping.


And then I'm also working on a book with J Scott. So if you know J Scott from 123flip.com, of Bigger Pockets, he's on there a lot, he's had a couple bestselling real estate books and we are working on a collaboration right now. A new book we're gonna write together, which should be out at the end of the year, kind of towards Thanksgiving, maybe a little sooner than that. That should be really awesome, so that's gonna be ton of fun.


Alright, so I'm sure I'll think of some more things to do on the blog next year, I always manage to, but I really, I try to focus on writing great articles, putting out good content and helping people as much as I can. And so far that's worked out pretty well. Got over 400 articles now that I've written, so keep adding to that.


Alright finally, some personal goals that I don't talk a lot about what I'm doing personally as far as income or things like that. But I do talk about some of my personal goals like buying the Lamborghini in 2014 was a goal I'd made at the start of the year. Really awesome seeing that come to fruition, buying that car. I still have it, I still love that car. I bought it for $126,000, May of 2014. I think right now it's hard to value a car like that, but it's probably worth close to $200,000 right now just cause the car market has gone nuts, especially for anything Lamborghini, Ferrari, really been crazy.


So I didn't buy any new cars in 2015. I didn't really plan to buy any new ones either. More about real estate than the personal side. But I do have some new goals I'm gonna make for 2016. Try and put those out there, hold myself accountable. One of them, I really wanna buy a 1980's Aston Martin V8. That's been a favorite car of mine since I was a kid. I know it's not the most popular car, most people might even not have a clue what they look like. But super cool car to me. Very rare. They only made about 200 a year or less. So that's one of my goals is to buy one of those in 2016. So we'll see if I can get that done.


And then some just other funny cool goals that I have that I don't really have a timeframe yet, but at some point in my life I'd love to restore an old plantation mansion type house. I've always loved old houses and I think it'd be cool to restore an old house that's kind of dilapidated but has a history behind it, needs someone to come save it. And at some point I will have a car dealership in my life. I'll see when that'll happen but I figured the best way to buy a lot of exotic cars and experience a lot of cars is have a dealership so you can buy and sell them and really experience a lot of different automobiles.


The easy part will be buying, hard part will be selling cause I have a hard time selling my cars. I love them too much. Alright, so that's what I've got for 2016. It should be an awesome year. 2015 was a really good year, a lot of fun, a lot of successes. Some things didn't happen quite like I wanted, but still a lot of fun and I just remember to keep pushing, keep improving myself, have fun with life. If everything was easy it wouldn't be nearly as fun, that's for sure.


I love Jim Rohn's quotes, "Don't wish life were easier, wish you were better." So if you come up to struggles, challenges, and keep wondering why things happen so bad to you, why everything keeps falling apart, remember you can change things. You have the power to do things differently, you have the power to rise above all that junk and negativity, so you can become better at what you do, better businessman, better person. Life becomes much more fun.


So don't wish life were easier, wish you were better and can deal with things better. That's my advice for this podcast. Alright, thanks a lot for listening. Really fun show. We'll have a lot of new stuff going on in 2016, more guests, more solo shows for me. And yeah as always, leave me feedback. Love to have any reviews you have on iTunes that helps me out. And have a great New Year.



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