018: Why Rental Properties are Such an Awesome Investment

One of the best investments possible is rental properties. Mark Ferguson is going to cover the basics of why rentals are so awesome in this episode of the InvestFourMore Podcast. Cash flow is one of the biggest reasons rentals are such a great investment. Cash coming into your bank account, month after month, enables you to do lots … More Info

017: Building a 10 Million Dollar Portfolio With Daniil Kleyman

Is your corporate job getting old? Is the rat race driving you crazy? Today’s guest, Daniil Kleyman had a successful career in the financial industry but was not happy with his life. The 8 to 5, the corporate politics, the stresses that came with the job, it was all too much for him and didn’t … More Info

016: How To Flip Houses In A Hot Market With Anson Young

Mark Ferguson loves to highlight successful investors on this podcast, and today’s episode is another of those revealing, helpful conversations with a person who started at ground zero, worked his way up by learning from people who were in the business, and finally launched out to begin his own investment business. Anson Young has been … More Info

015: Flipper, Landlord, and Real Estate Agent – Jim Huntzicker

There are lots of paths to a full-time real estate investing career. Mark Ferguson got into buying rental properties after being a real estate agent for many years. Today’s guest, Jim Huntzicker did the same. Both men had fathers who were real estate agents, which could seem like an advantage to getting into the real estate … More Info

014: What is Real Estate Wholesaling?

There’s a lot of talk on this show and on other real estate podcasts about wholesaling. Mark Ferguson was a licensed real estate agent and investor for years before he fully understood what a wholesaler does. In this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast Mark will walk through the step by step explanation of … More Info

013: From Wholesaler to Flipper with Danny Johnson

Danny Johnson is not your typical real estate entrepreneur. He is trained as a software engineer and worked at a large company when he first started his real estate investing career. His Dad began flipping houses and Danny decided to take the leap and try his hand at it. His first deal actually turned out … More Info

012: The Basics of Fix and Flipping Homes

Mark Ferguson is best known for his ability to do profitable real estate fix and flips. He’s made his living doing it and has built a very profitable business on it. In this episode of The InvestFourMore Podcast Mark is going to walk you through a “do and don’t” outline for property flipping that includes … More Info

011: Fix and Flipping Million Dollar Homes with Will Barnard

Will Barnard’s company focuses on flipping high-end houses. He didn’t start flipping million dollar houses, but he built his business up over time to a point where he can flip home in Beverly Hills. His first flip was what he calls “accidental” but once he sold it for a profit, he’s been hooked ever since. … More Info

010: His Goal to Buy 1000 Rental Properties – Brandon Turner

There’s no magic formula, but Brandon Turner of “Bigger Pockets” would tell you the first and most important ingredient is to equip yourself with a variety of tools and take action. Brandon got into real estate investing at the age of 21, borrowing money from a family member to purchase a property. he ended up … More Info