009: Rental Property, Fix and Flip, and Real Estate Team Update

Welcome to the first solo edition of the InvestFourMore podcast. Mark Ferguson the host of the InvestFourMore Podcast is an active real estate broker and investor and his purpose in building the InvestFourMore platform is to teach you what he’s doing and how he’s doing it. This episode is a full-scoop episode, giving you the details … More Info

004: Building Lasting Wealth With Rentals with Ben Leybovich

Yes, you can – Ben Leybovich is one example that proves it. Ben was and is a violinist and was diagnosed with MS at the beginning of his artistic career. He knew then that he’d have to develop ways to produce income that were not dependent on his physical skills. His research led him to … More Info

003: Flipping Houses Like Hotcakes with J. Scott

House flipping is all the rage – with popular Toronto home renovations T.V. shows and other avenues of exposure, more and more people are eager to try their hand at property renovations for profit. The truth is, T.V. may make it seem a bit more glamorous and easy than it really is, but you CAN still make … More Info

002: Direct Marketing and Wholesaling with Sharon Vornholt

Sharon Vornholt started out in the real estate industry running a home inspection business in the Louisville, Kentucky area. She had a great business going but when she discovered real estate investing that was all it took to get her hooked. In this episode Mark Ferguson asks Sharon about her story, the transition into investing … More Info

001: Buying Multifamily in Multiple Markets with Brie Schmidt

Welcome to the debut episode of the InvestFourMore podcast with Mark Ferguson. Through the episodes ahead you’re going to get a front-row seat to what it’s like to move into the real estate investing realm from square one from a man who’s done it himself. Hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride as … More Info